What is The Ultimate Toughbook?

The Ultimate Toughbook is the BEST custom hardened, rugged laptop computer available on the market today. They can be beat up, run over, dropped, thrown, rained on, snowed on, sleeted on and they shrug it all off. Panasonic makes many degrees of ruggedness in their Toughbook line. (They also have "Business Rugged" and "Semi Rugged" laptops.) I deal with only the fully rugged Panasonic Toughbooks. While I work on new Toughbooks, most are slightly used models that are renewed and totally customized. I replace the older, slower equipment with newer, faster, state-of-the-art customized parts. The US and other militaries use them. The Police and Fire Departments all over the world use them. Soldiers, First responders, construction companies, engineers,  adventurers, yachtsmen... The list goes on and on. My Ultimate Toughbooks serve in Both Iraq and Afghanistan and all continents except Antarctica. (I'm working on that!) My Ultimate Toughbooks are truly that... ULTIMATE! No other type of laptop can even come close to this league! To own The Ultimate Toughbook is to own the very best!

I start with only the best, personally hand selected Toughbooks. They are taken apart, thoroughly cleaned, renewed, customized and in some cases, upon customer specs, additionally hardened.

I have dealt with state, city and county agencies. I have built customized "Ultimate" Toughbooks for them as well as repairing and upgrading the units they presently use.

I started the Toughbook modification, customization craze almost 7 years ago. I currently moderate the largest and most popular Panasonic Tech Forum online. While I do publish a lot of what goes into The Ultimate Toughbooks and do help others customize their laptops... The largest part of what helps make the Ultimate Toughbook so Ultimate is... Well... ME! I take more pride in building a better Toughbook than anyone outside Panasonic... And my GPS systems beat the stock system hands down! I build every one like my life will depend on it because, chances are, that someone's might one day. This is something I take VERY seriously!

This website is always under construction. Until it becomes fully developed you may learn a little more about The Ultimate Toughbook by viewing my auctions on www.ebay.com or by emailing me directly at Rick@UltimateToughbook.com. If you see no auctions listed... Give it a day or so, as I am busy selecting other units to build or have private orders that I am working on. But I usually have at least one auction running on eBay at any given time.

I ALWAYS have Toughbooks in stock that are ready for customization and sale! Just drop me an email with your phone number and I will call you ASAP.  We can discuss the custom setup of your new Ultimate Toughbook.  Or you may email me directly at the above address with your thoughts, ideas and needs.

Just search eBay for "The ULTIMATE Toughbook"

If you'd like to learn a little more about what Toughbooks can do... (Before I customize them!) You can visit www.Panasonic.com



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